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Keep Your Tires Safe With Auto Insurance

Tires are one of the most critical parts of your vehicle – without them, you simply cannot drive. If you are running into issues with them in Plano, TX or the surrounding area, we at Sergeant Fifty-Five can help. That’s because we provide auto insurance policies that provide some coverage options for your tire issues.

Most Insurance Policies Offer Specific Tire Protection

Like with any vehicle part, your tires are going to wear and tear as your vehicle is used. Insurance won’t cover this type of damage because it is expected to occur. And in the event of a flat tire, your policy will go into effect if a blowout causes damage to your vehicle or others and will also pay for a tow to get your vehicle repaired.

Most comprehensive policies will cover roadside assistance to change the flat. In some cases, they will pay not only for the replacement or repair services but the new tire. They pay for this situation because it is important to get your vehicle back on the road and they know that getting new tires on it is the only way that this is possible.

Slashed Tires are Usually Covered

If somebody else attacks your tires, such as slashing them or deflating them, your comprehensive policy will come into play. Keep in mind, though, that you may have to buy more than one tire in this scenario. Doing so is typically required to keep your tires inline. Policy coverage on that tire will vary depending on your state and policy. Stolen tires are covered in the same way.

So if you want to keep your tires safe in Plano, TX, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Sergeant Fifty-Five. Our auto insurance policies will work hard to ensure that your tires are safe from vandalism and will ensure that you can get where you need to go without a problem.


Three common types of commercial insurance

Commercial insurance varies considerably from one business to another since businesses have unique features and insurance needs. A basic commercial insurance policy includes property and liability coverage since these two are the standard and essential policies for most organizations. Subject to what your business does, you may also need workers compensation insurance if you have employees and commercial auto insurance for your vehicles.

Below are four common types of commercial insurance

1. Property insurance

Business property insurance is suitable for service and retail businesses since it covers damages to your business property including structures, furniture, machinery, products, documents, warehouse, and other inventory items for your business. It is, however, advisable to purchase additional property coverage since not every policy will suitably cover all your business property.

2. Liability Insurance

Every business comes with various liabilities, and for this reason, all businesses need general liability insurance. General liability insurance covers a range of damages to the property and injuries to third parties. It can also include legal fees in the case of a negligence lawsuit. Due to its wide nature, you should contemplate getting an add-on policy if you need more coverage than what the general liability coverage offers. Additional coverage options may include malpractice insurance or professional liability insurance which caters for damages caused by failed professional standards, errors and omissions, which insures against unintentional mistakes that cause injuries to third parties, and cyber liability.

3. Commercial auto insurance

Any vehicles for work, including cars, delivery vans, and trucks, need automobile insurance. This coverage will reimburse you in case your vehicle is damaged or stolen or in case of injuries caused by the driver to another person or property.

4. Workers compensation insurance

This type of insurance covers your employees for any injuries caused on the job. It is vital to have this policy regardless because, as an employer, you can never have total control over your place of work and the activities of your employees.

At Sergeant Fifty-Five in Plano, TX, we highlight the importance of having all these types of commercial insurance coverage options for your business. For a quote on any of the above insurance policies, visit or call our offices.


Does Home Insurance Cover Floods?

If you have always thought your home insurance coverage will protect you when flood damage occurs, then you are wrong. Standard homeowners or renters insurance plans specifically exclude the damages or losses caused by floods. Fortunately, there is a reliable solution to this problem, and that’s purchasing a flood insurance policy. Insurance for your home can be provided by local Plano, TX insurers like Sergeant Fifty-Five and covers water damage to your property but may not cover flooding events.

Do I need flood insurance?

You need to purchase flood insurance if you live in a known flood zone. However, flooding can sometimes occur in an inland area or places that are far from major rivers. Get a flood insurance coverage if your home could be flooded by water that runs down a steep hill, an overflowing pond or creek, or melting snow.

Though flood insurance isn’t part of a standard renters or homeowner’s coverage, just like earthquake insurance, these policies are offered by some private insurers as well as the federal government. So, if you think you require flood insurance, do not wait for the flooding season to purchase a policy –a 30-day waiting period is generally put in place before coverage can take effect.

What can Home Insurance Protect me from?

A home insurance policy from Sergeant Fifty-Five can protect the structure of your home and the property inside from plumbing issues, damages, theft, and vandalism. It can also protect you from incidents of liability if someone were to be injured on your property. Coverage may handle lawsuits in some cases if someone files charges on you due to an incident which you are at fault.


For more details on what is covered in a home insurance policy in Plano, TX, be sure to contact us at Sergeant Fifty-Five.

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