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Classic Car Insurance in Texas

When you own a classic car, you probably want to do everything that you can to have many years of fun and enjoyment that comes from riding in one of these street kings. Classic car insurance helps you protect your investment, whether it’s a classic car, motorcycle, truck, or any other vintage or rare motor vehicle you may own. At Sergeant Fifty-Five in Plano, TX, we are passionate about cars, and we will help you get all the coverage you need for your collector car.

What’s a Classic Car?

So, when does a car become a classic? How do you know that you are driving a classic car? In Texas and other parts of the United States, any car that’s over twenty-five years old is considered a classic by some insurers. Therefore, you don’t have to own a vintage Porsche or an older Aston Martin that has aged well to get classic car insurance.

Most people are driving classic cars, and they don’t even know it. Note that different insurers define classic cars differently, so the older your car is, the more options you have when it comes to classic car insurance.

Benefits of Classic Car Coverage

Classic car insurance has several benefits over regular or daily driver car insurance. For instance, insurance providers understand that classic cars are prized passions projects and are driven with great caution which means the rates are adjusted accordingly. You may get lower premiums when insuring a classic car compared to regular or daily driver vehicles. You may be required to have proper storage for your vehicle, and there may be limits on how much you can drive the vehicle.

Sergeant Fifty-Five in Plano, TX covers all types of classic cars, trucks, etc. Whether you drive a vintage or collector car, antique auto, or a newer modified vehicle sometimes referred to as future classics or modern classics; you are guaranteed to get coverage with us. We also provide coverage for motorcycles and other specialty vehicles in Texas. Reach out to our agents for a quote and to get started.

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