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Commercial Insurance in Texas

Doing business in Texas is great. SMBs, SMEs, and giant companies employ thousands of Texans. At Sergeant Fifty-Five, we offer quality commercial insurance packages to companies in Plano, TX and around the state to help your business continue building the state.

We offer a variety of commercial insurance policies including:

General Liability Insurance

Liability insurance pays all expenses you incur due to advertising injuries, customer bodily injuries, and property damage. For instance, you can drop a customer’s phone while repairing it and break its screen. They might seek a refund.

Professional Liability Insurance

Our professional liability coverage protects you in case a customer sues you for being negligent in your services. A client can sue you for a slight omission in a particular service. The policy is suitable for consultants, accountants, and travel agents.

Business Owner’s Insurance

A business owner’s insurance is a combination of business property coverage and general liability insurance. We help enterprises meet their insurance requirements by providing extra coverage such as data breach protection. Business owner’s insurance is useful when a client sues an enterprise or when you have fragile assets that can be easily damaged such as digital assets and furniture.

Business Income Insurance

We help enterprises recover income lost due to covered property losses including damage from fire and theft. Our agents design the policy to protect your enterprise’s income from different risks. It’s ideal for retailers that require stores to sell their merchandise and services.

Commercial auto

If your business depends on a fleet to deliver products and services, you need commercial auto insurance. This policy safeguards your employees and business from accidents while in transit.

Workers compensation

If you have employees at your business, you’re legally required to have workers compensation to protect them when working. A policy covers medical bills that they may incur after an accident takes place on the job.

Sergeant Fifty-Five in Plano, TX offers reliable commercial insurance to Texas residents. Although some commercial insurance coverage isn’t compulsory in Texas, it protects you against bodily injury and property damage liability claims. Visit our office for a free consultation and to get a quote.

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