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Does Home Insurance Cover Floods?

If you have always thought your home insurance coverage will protect you when flood damage occurs, then you are wrong. Standard homeowners or renters insurance plans specifically exclude the damages or losses caused by floods. Fortunately, there is a reliable solution to this problem, and that’s purchasing a flood insurance policy. Insurance for your home can be provided by local Plano, TX insurers like Sergeant Fifty-Five and covers water damage to your property but may not cover flooding events.

Do I need flood insurance?

You need to purchase flood insurance if you live in a known flood zone. However, flooding can sometimes occur in an inland area or places that are far from major rivers. Get a flood insurance coverage if your home could be flooded by water that runs down a steep hill, an overflowing pond or creek, or melting snow.

Though flood insurance isn’t part of a standard renters or homeowner’s coverage, just like earthquake insurance, these policies are offered by some private insurers as well as the federal government. So, if you think you require flood insurance, do not wait for the flooding season to purchase a policy –a 30-day waiting period is generally put in place before coverage can take effect.

What can Home Insurance Protect me from?

A home insurance policy from Sergeant Fifty-Five can protect the structure of your home and the property inside from plumbing issues, damages, theft, and vandalism. It can also protect you from incidents of liability if someone were to be injured on your property. Coverage may handle lawsuits in some cases if someone files charges on you due to an incident which you are at fault.

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