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Life Insurance in Texas

If you’re searching for a life insurance plan in Texas, you’re not alone! Texas is one of the highest populated states in the country, and most of its over 25 million residents are willing to buy new life insurance coverage or update the one they already have to protect the ones they love.

Insurers offer various life insurance policies in Plano, TX and around the state. Getting the right plan requires a little bit of work, but if you understand how life insurance works in Texas, it will be easier to secure the financial future of your loved ones after you pass on. At Sergeant Fifty-Five, we provide life insurance plans designed to suit the needs of our diverse customers.

Types of life insurance policies

Whether you are searching for a short-term policy that’s enough to pay for the expenses of your funeral or a long-term coverage that comes with significant death benefits, we can help you find a life insurance policy that can suit your requirements. The main forms of life insurance policies you can get in Texas are:

  • Permanent life insurance ‐ This includes policies like whole, variable, universal as well as variable universal plans. This lasts your entire life as long as you pay the premiums.
  • Term life insurance ‐ This includes the level premium-term and annual renewable-term plans. This policy will last a set term that can be from 5 to 30 years.

The agents at Sergeant Fifty-Five Insurance can help educate you further on what each life insurance plan offers. We can help you get a quote and factor in things like family, debt, and the future of your loved ones.

Your rights when you buy a life insurance plan

The law offers certain protections to make sure that insurers provide a fair policy and fulfills their obligations to you and your beneficiaries when you pass on. Some specific laws also protect your insurer from people who try to commit fraud or lie while applying for life insurance coverage.

Be sure to contact us at Sergeant Fifty-Five in Plano, TX, and we can walk you through the life insurance process. Contact our offices to speak with an agent and learn how you can get started on a life insurance policy.

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