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Recreational Insurance in Texas

The idea of recreational insurance may not be familiar to many. However, the fact is that without this coverage, recreational professionals would have a difficult time covering the risks of liability in each activity they organize.

What is recreational insurance?

This coverage protects the business from property damage and bodily injury resulting from their operations and products. It offers coverage to event sponsors, Sportsmen and Clubs, motorsport, event organizers, and film and television companies.

Sergeant Fifty-Five is a leading recreational insurance provider for leisure, outdoor sports, and recreation industries in Plano, TX and around the state. We offer coverages for various outdoor businesses in Texas, including ATV tours, outfitters and guides, bicycle tours, snowmobile tours, rope courses, special events, and amateur sports among other recreation activities. Our policies are customized to fit your business or personal needs while focusing on the distinctive exposures of leisure, sports, and recreation industries. Our recreation policies offer coverages that each business requires to safeguard their finances.

Why recreational insurance?

If your company is in the leisure, sport, or recreational industry, the people who “pay-to-play” will rely on your gear, expertise, and instructions to safeguard themselves during the event. When an accident occurs, your company may be held liable for the injuries caused to such individuals while they are participating in the different activities of the business.

Expenses like legal fees can cripple your business, but punitive damage and indemnification costs awards can certainly destroy the company if you are not protected. A general liability plan can cover these expenses and protect your recreation and entertainment business.

A recreation policy can offer coverages like:

  • Property insurance
  • General liability
  • Umbrella/excess coverage
  • Professional liability
  • Accident medical
  • Inland/marine coverage

Regardless of the recreational services you provide in Plano, TX or throughout the state, you can get adequate protection when you contact us at Sergeant Fifty-Five. Talk to us today to understand more about recreational insurance in Texas!

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